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Each year more new businesses and organizations are deciding to make Fishers their home.  The Business  gives both new and existing businesses and organizations the opportunity to educate the community about their products and services.  The Business Tent will feature over 100 of Hamilton County’s finest businesses and organizations.  If you are in the market for a new home, car, chiropractor, church, dentist, hospital and so on, to meet your needs: the Business Tent will feature these businesses and more.  The hours the tent will be open are 9:00AM until 3:00PM on Saturday, June 24.

The Business Tent will be located on the west side of the parking lot. Please be courteous to others and be sure to park your wagons  and strollers outside before you come in to collect the information and the samples the businesses and organizations have to offer.

Booth Spaces are 10’x10′ and are under the big top tent.  Booth fees are $225 per booth space (electricity is and additional $25 per booth space and is limited).  Booth fees include 2 tables and 2 chairs per booth space.  Previous vendors have first right of refusal until February 15th.