At the upcoming annual Fishers Freedom Festival, festival attendees can observe an international and a state disc dog competition at no cost.  You’ve seen them on T.V. doing trick throws and spectacular canine acrobatics that leave you breathless.  The “U.F.O. Major Run” by the UFO World Cup Series of Disc Dog Competitions will occur on Saturday, June 26th and the “11th Annual Indiana Disc Dog Classic” hosted by the Indy Dog & Disc Club will be on Sunday, June 27th at Holland Park. 

The “U.F.O. Major Run” will have many of the best North American teams competing for U.F.O. World Cup Points in hopes to qualify for the world finals in October in Daytona Beach, Florida.  There are five other UFO Majors in the United States (Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Jacksonville, and Denver) and three more internationally (Holland, Germany, and Japan).

With current and former world champions in attendance, dog and handler teams compete in two events.  The Toss n Catch event gives each team 60 seconds to get as many throws and catches as they can.  A longer throw scores more points.  Each team has prepared a two minute routine played to rock-n-roll music specifically designed to get the crowd cheering and clapping in the Freestyle event. 

Sunday’s “Indiana Disc Dog Classic” will have most of the same competitors competing again in the Toss n Catch and Freestyle.  In addition, there will be the Long Distance competition.  Each dog and handler team gets three throws to see how far they can throw the flying disc and get a catch with the longest catch winning. 

To register to compete, click here for a discounted rate or register the day of the event at full cost.  Registration fees range from $5 – $20.  For more information, please email [email protected] or call 765-430-8092.