The Indy Dog and Disc Club will be holding one of our premier competitions during the festival. Come watch the fun as the dogs and handlers compete through several UpDog Challenge games. UpDog Challenge is a relatively new competition venue that combines disc play with agility obstacles. You can find out all about it at Saturday will start off at 9am with the first game, Throw N’ Go. The next game is Time Warp, followed by a lunch break and a fun Freestyle game at 1:00pm. We’ll finish up our first day with 4 Way Play. Sunday will start off with FunKey, followed by Frizgility, lunch and then the follow-up Freestyle game at 1:00pm. Saturday’s freestyle event is for more serious show and tricks, Sunday is more for just fun! Sunday’s last game will be 7Up – another hybrid game of agility and disc catching.

New folks are always welcome at our events. Do you have a dog that loves to catch discs in the back yard? Would you like to see how to have fun and play more with your dog? Come to the field with your dog at noon either day and we’ll show you some fun things to do and if you’re interested, how to sign up and compete. Our motto is, “where having fun is more important than winning”. For more information, visit our website at or email us at