The Fishers Freedom Festival proudly announces its 2010 Royal Court who will be crowned on Saturday, June 26 at 10 a.m. during the opening ceremonies. The court is made up of a queen, a king, four princesses and four princes. Their duties include riding on the Royal Court’s float in the Children’s Parade at 10 a.m. and the Main Parade at 4 p.m. both on Sunday, June 27.

Royal Court entry forms were sent to all Hamilton Southeastern school children who would be six to seven years old by June 1, 2010. Completed forms were due by March 15. All entries were divided into two groups based on sex and names were drawn.

This year’s court will be:

King Nicholas Kantner of Brooks School Elementary
Prince Bryce Kehl of Cumberland Road Elementary
Prince Hunter Moore of Thorpe Creek Elementary
Prince Jack Tolle of Thorpe Creek Elementary
Prince Owen Williams of Hoosier Road Elementary

Queen Lillie Caron of Hoosier Road Elementary
Princess Lucy DeWolf of Fall Creek Elementary
Princess Zoey Molloy of Sandcreek Elementary
Princess Gabby Willard of Fall Creek Elementary
Princess Morgan Williams of New Britton Elementary

King Nicholas Kantner

Prince Bryce Kehl

Prince Hunter Moore

Prince Jack Tolle

Prince Owen Williams

Queen Lillie Caron

Princess Lucy DeWolf

Princess Gabby Willard

Princess Gabby Willard

Princess Morgan Williams

Princess Zoey Molly