Indy Dog & Disc Club Presents “The Indiana Disc Dog Classic”
A U.F.O. World Cup Major Tournament at Fishers Freedom Festival

The Indy Dog and Disc Club is proud to announce that the Fishers Freedom Festival will be hosting a UFO World Cup Major Tournament as part of the “Indiana Disc Dog Classic” held on June 27 and 28.  This event will attract 200 of the best disc dog teams from around the country and provide exciting entertainment for festival attendees.

A UFO Major is made up of freestyle and throw n’ catch events. There are three divisions: Open, Intermediate, and Novice.  Open competitors have a freestyle round and a toss n catch round with the top 10 earning a second round.  Intermediate and Novice will have a round of toss and catch with the top 10 in each division earning a second round.  Awards will be given for Open Freestyle, Open Toss and Catch, Open Overall, Intermediate, and Novice.

The UFO World Cup Series is where disc dog teams accumulate points throughout the competition season.  The series is made up of local and major tournaments around the world that includes the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Holland. The top dog and handler teams earning the most points advance to the world finals to compete with other top international teams. The year culminates in the UFO World Cup Finals.