2009-06-fac-choice-award-float-31The Fishers Arts Council is pleased to announce Life Church its second annual Fishers Arts Council’s “Choice Award” for the best float in the 21st Fishers Freedom Festival main parade on Sunday, June 28th.  The winner received a trophy and a $500 prize.  The winning float was preceded by a banner naming the award during the actual parade.

Prior to the 4 p.m. parade start, judges reviewed and rated all parade floats according to the following criteria: 2009-06-fac-choice-award-float
• General Effect in Presentation: (Maximum 25 Points Awarded).  The overall effective presentation of the float.  Its presentation, as it will appear on the parade route.  Beauty and creativity.
• Workmanship: (Maximum 25 Points Awarded).  The craftsmanship in the float creation. Detail in design and creation of float objects with the effective use of colors and materials.
• Parade Theme: (Maximum 25 Points Awarded).  How well the float design concept adapts to the parade theme.
• Originality: (Maximum 25 Points Awarded).  The creativeness and originality in the float design concept.  Walking contingents will be judged on originality, enthusiasm, parade theme and overall appearance.
The first winner of the “Choice Award” in 2008 was Fishers All Star Cheerleaders.