Applications will be accepted until the tent is full


The Fishers Freedom Festival Committee will allow you to sell and/or promote your business upon the acceptance of your application

Please be aware that the booths in this tent are for informational purposes only. Sales of product may be allowed with prior approval. We do not guarantee success in sales.

Each Booth Space is 10’ x 10’ ~ $225 per booth ~ Electrical additional $25 per booth space. ~ All booths will be supplied with two 8’ tables and two chairs. Table coverings are not included.

For an Additional $250, you can become a Festival Supporter for our Zip Line. We will place a 3’x3’ banner that will include your logo on the Zip Line Fence.

Permitted activities in your Business Vendor Booth are: Setting up a display, handing out brochures, flyers, and trinkets (NO WHISTLES, KAZOOS or BALLOONS). You may also have demonstrations of your product.

Having caricatures, hiring or having personalities, radio stations and contracting out services to participate in your booth must be submitted in writing and approved by the Executive Director three weeks prior to the Festival. This is to avoid any potential conflict for our sponsors.

This specific area was designed to provide ADULTS with information on available services in the community and not to entertain children.

Weather conditions are beyond the control of the Festival Committee and will not constitute a refund. If you should cancel your booth space you will not receive a refund • Booth spaces are non-transferable.

Beverages or Food CANNOT be SOLD or GIVEN AWAY from your booth space area.

All vendors are required to provide the Fishers Parade and Festival Inc. a Certificate of Insurance with the Fishers Parade and Festival Inc. and the Town of Fishers to be named as an additional insured for general liability. NO EXCEPTIONS. The certificate must be received in the Festival office by June 1st.

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Festival Corporate Sponsors will receive priority on booth locations.

Businesses who want to participate in the Business Tent will receive consideration in the following order if their application is received by February 15th:

  1. Festival Corporate Sponsors
  2. Fishers Businesses
  3. Previous Vendors
  4. New Vendors

New vendors will be considered after the February 15th deadline.

Although duplication of vendor types will be allowed, some types of businesses will have a limit.

The Fishers Freedom Festival Committee has the right to refuse rental of booth space to any vendor.

Set up time will be on Friday 3:00PM-7:00PM and on Saturday from 7:00AM until 8:30AM


You will receive your booth space number, a map of your location in the tent, your set-up time and a map of the park highlighting vendor parking TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FESTIVAL.

No parking will be allowed in the parking lot. Additional free parking will be available at the Fishers Municipal Complex, Train Station and the Alhuda Foundation. We will be providing a FREE shuttle service. Please encourage your workers to use the shuttle.

Vendors must wear the vendor tag provided to them at all times and must remain within or next to their booth space area. You may not walk around the park facility promoting your product.

If you are having any giveaways or drawings, etc. you will need to list what items you are giving away or what is in the drawing on your application. If you have any printed material for this drawing, enclose a copy of the ticket and the poster with information listing items and qualifications to win with your application.

Raffles for money are not permitted. Asking for donations is not permitted.


Any harassment of the Fishers Freedom Festival patrons or unauthorized rental or sale of merchandise will result in the immediate expulsion from the park.

We ask that all Business Vendors donate an item for our Silent Auction to benefit the Roy Holland “Backpacks for Kids Program” and Roy Holland Memorial Fund. Items need to be dropped off or mailed to the Festival Office by June 1st. We would be happy to pick up the item. Please list item and value on your application.

If you participate on Sunday, you may leave your display board, business cards and flyers. Business or product cannot be promoted or sold on Sunday. This is a day for kids and only games will be permitted.

Although security will be provided Friday and Saturday night, the Fishers Freedom Festival Committee is not responsible for stolen or damaged property. The Fishers Freedom Festival Committee is not liable for any injury to individuals participating in the Fishers Freedom Festival.

You are responsible for cleaning up your area of debris before you leave for the day. You must break down and stack all boxes. You will be provided a trash bag. Please tie up the bag and leave it in your area for the cleaning crew to pick up.

Your comments and suggestions are very important to us, so please complete the survey that will be provided to you on Saturday afternoon.

In the event of a weather emergency we will do our best to notify you immediately. Make sure you evacuate your booth and take cover in your vehicle or in the park building. DO NOT take shelter under a tent.